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Armor All Shield Car Wash, Polishing Wax & Wheels, The Ultimate Car Care Bundle?

Armor All are a leading brand in car care products, with products suitable for all aspects of vehicle valeting. From car wash, to polishing wax, from glass cleaner to a wheel protector formula.

Today we take a look at three of these amazing care care products.

1) Armor All Shield Car Wash

Just as consumers would not use dishwashing liquid as a hair shampoo, the right products should be used for the right applications when washing your car. Household cleaners such as dishwashing liquid contain harsh chemicals that may strip automotive paintwork and cause swirl marks. All Armor All products have been specially designed for automotive uses including our complete range of washes.

Features & Benefits:
• Thoroughly cleans and shines all paintworks
• Doesn’t leave a soapy residue on your car
• To prepare paintwork to be treated with Shield, Armor All® Shield Car Wash leaves a perfect finish to apply Armor All® Shield’s patent-pending non-stick protective barrier
• For paintwork already treated with Shield, it is ideal to maximise the shine and protection Armor All®  Shield

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2) Armor All Shield Polishing Wax

 Armor All Shield Wax is even better than wax. Its protective shield prevents dirt and grime from sticking to your car. Once applied, each wash reactivates the protective shield to maintain shine and protection for up to 10 washes.
Out Protects, Out Performs and  Out Shines. Can be used on your Car, Bike, Motorcycle, Caravan, Motor home and carbon bicycle frames. Armor All Shield Wax is claimed to repel dirt and grime from your paintwork at the same time as enabling the easy removal of bugs, tree sap, bird droppings and water spots. It is designed to reduce drying time by allowing the paint work to rinse to a shiny, near dry surface.
Product Features.
Free Sponge Applicator and Microfibre Cloth included
Brilliant Shine
Long lasting protection.
No drying time or hazing, easy on, easy off.
Can be applied in direct sunlight or cold temperatures.
Safe for all automotive finishes.
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3) Armor All Shield For Wheels

Armor All SHIELD for Wheels repels brake dust, road grime, and dirt by forming a protective barrier on wheel and rims. Easy to build up and difficult to wash off, brake dust has been the bane of beautiful, shiny wheels since the invention of disc brakes.Simply spray Armor All Wheel Protectant on clean, dry wheels to repel brake dust, road grime, and dirt.The invisible barrier lasts up to four weeks, keeping your wheels clean from wash to wash.
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