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The Convenient 1.5 Litre Redex Adblue, For Diesel Engines!

Redex Adblue For Diesel Engines

Little known in the UK at the moment, Redex have produced a convenient 1.5L bottle that can be easily stored in the boot of your vehicle, making it easier to top up and never run out.



  • Reduces Emissions By Up To 80%.
  • Don’t Run Out, Keep In Your Boot To Top Up.
  • Secure Storage Bottle Prevents Spills And Odours.

For use with diesel vehicles with a separate AdBlue/Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) tank
DO NOT add to diesel tank

Store Redex AdBlue securely in the boot of your vehicle, avoiding direct sunlight, store between -5°C and +25°C

  1. Instructions:
  2. Remove cap from the AdBlue/DEF tank on your vehicle
  3. Unscrew the blue cap from the top of the Redex AdBlue bottle.
  4. Completely remove and discard the red locking ring from under the blue on/off button.
  5. Screw the neck of the Redex Adblue bottle onto the vehicle AdBlue/DEF tank ensuring a tight fit.
  6. Press the blue on/off button to start filling the tank with AdBlue.
  7. To stop the flow, press the blue on/off button and unscrew the neck of the bottle from the tank.
  8. Replace the tank cap.

Redex Adblue is currently £6.30 Including VAT. Click here

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